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LPS-24 PRO Large Format Printer

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LPS-24 PRO Large Format Printer
LPS-24 PRO Large Format Printer
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The award-winning LPS-24 PRO is a large format silver halide printer designed to print a variety of sizes from 5" x 7" up to jumbo panorama size (24" x 100").  The LPS-24 PRO is designed to meet the quality demands of portrait  and commercial professional labs. Dual magazine capability allows both a 12" and 24" magazine to be loaded at the same time, enabling prints of various sizes to be made without changing magazines.

LPS-24PRO stands for Large-format Printing System which uses 24.5-inch paper as its maximum paper width. It is a stand-alone printer which means it is only capable of printing images from digital storage media, as the name PRO implies.What makes it better is its 300dpi LASER exposure engine which ensures high quality silver halide prints.

Processing capacity ranges from approximately 27 prints per hour for a 24" x 36" print to approximately 51 prints per hour for a 12" x 18" print. The LPS-24 PRO delivers high-quality output at very reasonable price.

Variety of Print Sizes

The LPS-24PRO can support paper width from 127 mm (5") to 622 mm (24.5"). Feed length can be varied from 150 mm (5.9") up to 914.4 mm (36"). With the available option, the feed length can be made longer up to 2540 mm (100"). Thus, prints can be made from as small as the 5R print size up to the jumbo panorama 24.5" x 100".

Dual Magazine System

With its dual magazine system, two different print sizes can be made simultaneously without changing the paper magazine. It comes with two different magazines, the 305-mm (12") and the 622-mm (24.5") paper magazine. The 305-mm paper magazine can be used for the 127-mm, 203-mm, 254-mm, 279-mm and 305-mm paper width while the 622-mm paper magazine can be used for the 457-mm, 508-mm, 610-mm and 622-mm paper width.

Network Printer

With Noritsu Quick Access software, the LPS-24PRO can be configured as a network printer, to receive print commands from multiple operators. This makes print easier and more productive.


Print Size Paper Width 127 to 622 mm
Paper Advance Length When paper width is 127 mm: 150 to 457 mm
When paper width is 203 to 305 mm: 150 to 914.4 mm
When paper width is 457 mm or more: 200 to 914.4 mm or 200 to 2540 mm*
(*option is required if advance length exceeds 914.4 mm)
Input Image Format JPEG (including Progressive JPEG, CMYK Format)
Bitmap (uncompressed)
TIFF (RGB uncompressed)
Print Capacity (prints per hour) 127 x 178 mm (5 x 7 inches)
203 x 254 mm (8 x 10 inches)
279 x 356 mm (11 x 14 inches)
305 x 457 mm (12 x 18)
457 x 610 mm (18 x 24 inches)
508 x 406 mm (20 x 16 inches)
508 x 610 mm (20 x 24 inches)
508 x 914 mm (20 x 36 inches)  


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