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Code : QSS-38 SERIES

QSS-38 Series

The QSS-3800 is an entry-level minilab that provides the basic tools necessary to be successful in today’s market, and the QSS-3801HD takes your minilab business to an even higher level with advanced features like a 640dpi laser exposure system, a 12-tray order sorter, and a high-grade colorimeter unit that enables automatic daily setup.


1. High quality laser engine  

The QSS-3800 employs a high quality 300dpi laser engine that produces beautiful prints. The QSS-3801HD has a high definition 640dpi laser engine that takes the print quality to an even higher level with its outstanding color portrayal and excellent image depth.

2. More print versatility with thin paper

The QSS-38 series supports thin paper (160 micrometers), giving it an advantage over previous models. This will enable you to provide more value-added products like postcards and photo covers for hard cover albums.

3. Space-saving design
In addition to being compact in size, the top of the QSS-3800/3801HD is the same level all the way across, making a wide flat surface on which the EZ Controller can be installed. This enables a configuration that takes up 40% less space than when the EZ Controller is placed on a separate table.

4. High capacity & high speed enlargement printing
The QSS-3801HD has a 6â€x4†print capacity of 1480 prints per hour, and the QSS-3800’s capacity is 740 prints per hour. Furthermore, these models provide a big advantage when making enlargements, which are a source of high profit for many retailers. Both the QSS-3800 and the QSS-3801HD are capable of producing an impressive 420 print per hour for the 10â€x8†size and 350 prints per hour for the 12â€x10†size.

5. Prints up to 914.4mm (36 inches) long
The maximum paper width is 305mm (12 inches) and the maximum paper advance length is 914.4mm (36 inches), making it possible to provide a wide variety of print services.  

6. Interrupted orders signified by LED lamps on the order sorter (QSS-3801HD)
The EZ Controller software has the unique ability to interrupt orders in process to give preference to urgent orders. LED lamps on the order sorter are used in conjunction with this to indicate which orders have been interrupted and which print trays the interrupted orders are in.  

7. Operation software “EZ Controller†(sold separately)  
The EZ Controller takes care of everything from print order management to color correction of the individual ../images.  

8. “AccuSmart†correction technology and Raw image file processing
Noritsu’s image processing technology “AccuSmart†automatically corrects ../images portraying various scenes, applying a wide range of correction tools such as color correction, backlit scene correction, noise reduction, lens aberration correction and red-eye removal. Furthermore, with the EZ Controller you can easily process raw ../images and then apply AccuSmart technology to turn them into ultra high quality prints.

9. Setup prints taken care of automatically with the colorimeter unit (QSS-3801HD)
The colorimeter is built into the processor. This enables the setup print to be automatically fed into the colorimeter after it comes out of the dryer unit, eliminating the need for manual operations.  

10. Dual magazine system (Option)
The dual magazine system enables you to increase the number of prints and/or variety of prints you can make without changing magazines.


With a wealth of technology incorporated into the system, and backed by the largest minilab service organization in the world, Noritsu is ready to roll out the QSS-38 series.


Regarding the QSS-38 series and the different printing technologies in the market, Aoyagi said, “We are seeing a clear market need for dry. At the same time, our customers have reminded us that there is still a substantial demand for silver halide equipment, due to its excellent quality and low running costs. We developed the QSS-38 series to fulfill this demand.â€

With its diverse lineup of both dry and wet equipment, Noritsu is perfectly positioned to offer the tools customers need to be successful in today’s competitive environment. We invite you to experience our latest addition to the legendary QSS line.


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